Where to Eat & De-Stress in Hungary

Tired of the buzz that comes from the normal city life? When all you want is to get out of the norm and have some peace. Well, here are some of the best ideas that will offer you the most serene environment where you get to relax and have the tasty meals.


Matra Hills


For a well-deserved hike and adventure, this might just be the place for you. Having the highest peak in the country adds to its many advantages. You also get to enjoy the Palace Hotel Sasvar and visit the warm and charming surrounding towns of Parads and Matrahaza. They have may relaxation spots with the most epic views with a spot that capture sunrise and sunset in a way that you have never experienced.


Lake Tisza

Here you get to enjoy a motorboat trip on the vast lake while watching the different species of birds and the beautiful smell emanating from the water lilies. In the Hotel Balneum, you get to enjoy delicacies with the specials coming directly from the lake. The largest adventure park in the country is in close proximity and can be a great place for the kids. For the romantic evening that you long for the Hotel offers you the opportunity to pick a suite having a view of your own choosing.




You can never learn or experience all the cultures of the world at ago. In the Fabulous Shiraz Hotel, you will have the pleasure of enjoying the Moroccan style weekend. A private bath and oriental massages are among the luxuries that you will find in this place. For your afternoons, the historical town Eger would be the perfect place to spend your afternoon or relaxing in the sun. The hotel offers you a taste of the Moroccan and Hungarian cuisine which will set your taste buds on a wild party.




This area has a lot to offer in terms of physical features. It encompasses the St. Stephen Dripstone and a forest terrain which usher you into a relaxing mood with the birds singing on the trees. After a morning spent walking and discovering this marvelous place you get to enjoy traditional dishes at the Topart Restaurant that will not disappoint. After that, you can go ahead to spend the rest of the day of the day in the wellness section of the Hotel for a session of relaxation. You can also checkĀ honey nutrition facts labels in their products!


Spirit Hotel


For the perfect spa then you need not look further. The Spirit Hotel provides you with the much-needed privacy and peace that you always seek. With its well-trained staff, you get to have full-body massages and swim for as much as you want. It has awesome attraction sites close to it like the Nadasdy Castle and the boating lake. You can do some fishing on the lake or simply go out for a relaxing ride in a boat. Afterwards, you get to enjoy local dishes fresh from the farm which are prepared by top-notch chefs.


So, there you have it. These are among the best places to relax, de-stress and enjoy the best of meals while staying in Hungary.


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